Independent School District #361's Acceptable Use of Technology Resources and the Internet Acceptable Use Policy administer guidelines for the use of ISD #361 technology resources by staff, students and any other users. These guidelines set the tone to protect the rights of individuals and organizations, define appropriate and ethical uses of technology resources, and identify responsibilities. All students using ISD #361 technology resources are required to have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file. To view a printable copy of the policy, click here.

For an outline of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), click here.
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District Technology Policies
Board Approved
Requires Acrobat Reader

Outlines Internet and general technology policies and guidelines.

Isd 361 filters, or blocks, certain categories of Internet sites from being viewed on district computers. ALL INTERNET ACTIVITY IS MONITORED AND LOGGED..

This document covers a wide area of topics from software acquisition policies to hardware retirement procedures.

Primarily directed toward staff, the reader is given email precautions, general use guidlines, and specific policy.

This is a general policy statement on copyright issues.

A listing of what is defined as a violation of our policies, and the punishment for violating our policies is outlined below:

Internet Student Use Policy Violations

Level 1 Violation - Internet privileges revoked for 15 school days

  • accessing e-mail sites of any kind

  • accessing chat or social networking sites of any kind

  • accessing game sites of any kind

  • downloading unauthorized files of any kind to the hard drives

  • deliberately attempting to bypass our Internet filter

  • using the computer for entertainment during a teacher supervised structured assignment

Level 2 Violation - Internet privileges revoked for 30 school days

  • logging on to the Internet or ISD361 network using someone else's username and password. Both parties will lose Internet privileges for 30 school days. It is important that you do not let anyone know your password.

  • tampering with network connectivity

  • hacking of any nature

  • third Level 1 violation

Level 3 Violation - Internet privileges revoked for 180 school days

  • deliberately attempting to access pornographic material

  • using the internet for any type of harassment

  • deliberately attempting to access gambling or hate group sites

  • third Level 2 violation