We, the staff of Falls High School, operate under the belief that for quality education to occur, there must be a balanced cooperation between the school, parent, student, and community. Without any one of these components in active participation, quality education will be sacrificed.

The School has the responsibility to provide broad opportunities for all students through:

  • Maintaining high standards of achievement

  • Assessing individual student needs

  • Providing quality instruction

  • Enforcing an attendance policy

  • Making clear the connection between school and the student's future

  • Cultivating in students the awareness, sensibility, and understanding necessary to function in a culturally diverse ever changing world

  • Creating a positive environment to foster parent and community involvement

  • Encouraging and supporting cooperation between student, parent, school, and community

The parent has the responsibility to be actively involved in their children's education and support them in their educational pursuits through:

  • Formal and informal parent/teacher contacts

  • Monitoring student progress

  • Knowing teacher expectations and grading procedures

  • Becoming familiar with handbook of school rules/policies

The student has the responsibility to take advantage of opportunities provided and will demonstrate this responsibility through:

  • Attending classes regularly

  • Producing quality work

  • Abiding by school standards of behavior and respect

  • Taking ownership of their own education

  • Demonstrating responsible citizenship through involvement in school and community activities

The community, recognizing that well educated youth are its future, has the responsibility to support the student's education through:

  • Recognizing student achievement

  • Donating time and resources

  • Providing opportunities for learning outside the classroom

  • Maintaining strong partnerships with the school