Falls High School enforces a dress code.
Following is an excerpt from the Student Handbook.

FHS Dress Code

Students are expected to keep themselves well-groomed, neat, and appropriately dressed at all times. FHS has a NO HAT rule which does not allow head covering including hats, scarves, and hoods. Bandanas and headbands that look like bandanas may not be displayed in any manner. Any form of dress which is considered contrary to good hygiene or which is distracting, disruptive, or which is not considered appropriate in appearance (halter tops, tube tops, short shorts, short skirts, or clothing that is profane or advertises alcohol or tobacco products) and detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school will not be permitted. You must cover the four (4) B's: back, bottom, bosom, and belly. Shoes and long pants are required in certain classes for health and safety reasons. Students who violate may be sent home and their absence recorded as unexcused.