Meal Prices

Meal prices for 2019-20 are as follows:

daily breakfast price$2.00$2.10$3.35
monthly breakfast price$38.00$40.00$64.00
daily lunch price$2.50$2.60$4.00
monthly lunch price$48.00$50.00$76.00
½ pint milk$.50

Meal Account Information

The district uses an Individual Meal Accounting System where each student has their own individual account. Meal accounts are debit accounts, therefore money must be in the account in order for the student to use it. We encourage parents/guardians to pay in advance of the first day of school to alleviate the time constraints students experience those first days of the school year.

Money can be deposited into your child’s meal account via these options:

  • Using credit/debit cards on line through the Online Payment Link through your Family Access Account.
  • Stop by your child’s school office or send money in a sealed envelope.

If sending a check, please include the student’s name and PIN. Make checks payable to: ISD #361 Food Service. When sending cash, please place it in an envelope with the student’s name and PIN on it.


Charging of school meals is discouraged. Please remember that this is not intended to be a charge account. Food service staff will contact parents/guardians of negative meal accounts to arrange payment.

An elementary account which reaches the threshold of -20.00 shall be sent a letter and free/reduced form informing the household that a meal should be provided from home until such time the account is brought to a positive balance or payment arrangements are made. If no meal is provided or contact made by parent/guardian the child shall still receive a meal but the account will be referred to the school social worker for intervention.

Students in grades 6-12 with a $0 or negative balance will not be allowed ala carte purchases until the account contains sufficient funds to cover the purchase. A secondary account which reaches the threshold of -20.00 will only be allowed a meal if cash in hand is presented to purchase the meal for that day. NO FUTHER CHARGING WILL BE ALLOWED.

Please refer to the district policy #534 Student Meal Charge/Collection for detailed information.


Since the entire district uses the Individual Meal Accounting System, accounts for students with positive or negative balances will be credited for the next school year. Positive balances from one sibling will be transferred to another sibling to zero out a negative balance. Students graduating from high school will have their account balances transferred to a younger sibling. Refunds from accounts will only be sent if the balance is $5.00 or more. A request for a refund must be made by the parent/guardian when a student is leaving the district.

School meal account information: Michelle Hopkins 218-283-2571 x 1181