August 18, 2017


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Remember, you can check your lunch balance and purchases through Family/Student Access.

Sue Karsnia
Food Services Director
283-2571 x183

Meal Account Information


When can I open an account?
Accounts can be opened or additional funds deposited each morning between 8:00 -8:30 a.m. in the front ticket booth and then until 10:00 in the front office.

What does this entitle me to?
If you are a recipient of the free or reduced meal program, this card entitles you to ONE "basket" meal per day. If you wish to purchase ala carte items you must deposit money into your account and you will be charged full price for them.
If you are neither of the above you may purchase any of the basket meals or ala carte items as your account balance allows.

What are the "basket meals"
There are three basket meals to choose from daily as follows:

1) Chef Salad Basket: chef salad, bread or crackers, fruit cup, cookie, milk
2) Hamburger Basket: hamburger, french fries, cookie, fruit cup, milk
3) Rotating Basket: examples as follows

Monday - Pizza, sandwich, fruit cup, cookie, milk
Tuesday - Chicken Pattie, potato, fruit cup, cookie, milk
Wednesday-Footlong Hot Dog, potato, fruit cup, cookie, milk
Thursday - Sub Sandwich, fruit sauce, cookie, milk
Friday - Chicken O's, potato, fruit cup, cookie, milk

What are "ala carte items"?
Ala carte items are food items sold individually such as pizza slices, nachos, mozzarella sticks, chicken filet sandwiches, baked goods, juice and many more.

How low can I go?
When your account balance reaches a $5.00 level you will be given a verbal warning to deposit additional funds. If you attempt to use an account which has no funds left you will be asked to replace the items. The person using the pin number must be the same name as on the account, i.e. NO BORROWING OF ACCOUNT NUMBERS. Inquiries about account balances can be made at the end of the lunch line. A detailed report outlining all account transactions can be obtained from the office.

What happens if my pin number is jeopardized?
Account pin numbers are confidential and students are not to give them out. Again, the person using the pin number should be the same as the name on the account. Anyone attempting to use an account number not their own will be subject to disciplinary measures. If a student suspects that their account number has been jeopardized he/she can contact the office to obtain a new number.

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