August 18, 2017


Q: What is TLC?
A: It stands for Teaching Learning Communicating. It is a program put forward by the state of Minnesota that encourages teachers to collaborate our efforts and work together to better educate our kids.
      For the most part, as teachers, we spend our entire work day in our classrooms with kids. We do not have time in our day to work together, to look at student test scores, to identify areas of need, to learn about new methods that are out there, and put them into practice in our classrooms in a consistent collaborative manner.
      Reasearch shows that all of these things make teachers better at what they do and keep quality teachers in the profession. What TLC does is to encourage those efforts by paying teachers who are willing to do all of these things, to put in the extra time it takes to work together for the benefit of kids.

TLC Components
Click here for Quality Oversight Committee
Quality Oversight Committee
Click here for Team Leaders
Learning Team
Click here for Professional Development
Professional Development
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Reference Materials
Click here for Survival Kit for Secondary Teachers
QCOMP Booklet 2009-2010
Click here for Survival Kit for Teachers
Survival Kit for Teachers
Click here for Survival Kit for Secondary Teachers
Survival Kit for Secondary Teachers

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