August 18, 2017


links for parents

Here is our current list of links especially for parents and educators.  We are in the process of checking the validity of all the links on this page so some may not work. For more information, see our Counseling Resources.

How You Can Help
    Box Tops 4 Education

Alternative Options
   Concurrent Enrollment
   International Baccalaureate (IB)
   Advanced Placement (AP)
   Postsecondary Enrollment Options

General Curriculum
B.E.S.T. (Best Education Sites Today) Literature Links
    Curricular Resources and Networking Projects
    Internet Connections
    LiveText Educational Resources
    NWREL Schoolhouse
    World Education Exchange

The Arts
    ArtsEdNet, an online service for K-12 arts education
    Music Education Online
    The Music Educators Home Page

Language Arts and Literature
    The Children's Literature Web Guide
    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
     Multicultural Book Review
    Resources for English Teachers

Ask Dr. Math
    Calculators On-Line Center
    Cornell Math and Science Gateway for High School
    The Geometry Center
    The Math Forum

    Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
    The Environmental Education Network
    Health Resources
    SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources
    Science Learning Network
    Space Educators' Handbook

Social Studies
American History Archive Project
    Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers
    Online Resources
    Social Studies

K-12 School Curriculum Collections
Armadillo's K-12 WWW Resources
    Carrie's Sites for Educators
    Integrating the Internet
    Jan's Favorite K-12 Resources & Projects
    Lane's Homepage
    National Student Research Center
    Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
    Vose School Education Resources Page
    Web Site for Busy Teachers

Commercial Curriculum Collections
    Apple Education Worldwide Surf Report
    Cisco's Virtual Schoolhouse
    Classroom Connect on the Web
    Educational Software Institute Online
    Discovery Channel School
    Global Schoolhouse (GSH)
    Global Network Navigator (GNN) K-12 Education
    Houghton Mifflin Education Place
    IBM K-12 Education
    Internet Learning Sites
    Latitude28 Schoolhouse
    Macmillan/McGraw Hill Schoolhouse
    Pitsco Technology Education

Sources for Online K-12 Projects
Academy One/National Public Telecomputing Network
    Adventure Online
    Electronic Emissary Project
    Electronic Schoolhouse (ESH)
    Global SchoolNet Foundation (GSN)
    International E-Mail Classroom Connections (IECC)-Projects
    International Education and Resource Network (I*EARN)
    Internet Projects Registry
    Online Class
    Quest, The NASA K-12 Internet Initiative Page
    NASA SpaceLink
   NASA SeaWiFS Projects-including the Jason and Ocean Planet Projects

Lesson Plan Sources
    North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) 
    The AskERIC Virtual Library
    Columbia Education Center's Mini Lessons
    EE-Link, Environmental Education on the Internet

Libraries and Museums
Exploratorium ExploraNet
    Expo, WWW Exhibit Organization
    Franklin Institute Science Museum
    Hands On Children's Museum
    Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide
    Internet Public Library
    Library of Congress
    National Air and Space Museum
    National Holocaust Memorial Museum
    On-Line Exhibitions and Images
    Planet Earth Home Page
    The Smithsonian
    Virtual Tourist
    WebMuseum Network

Communications Media
    CNN Interactive
    Discovery Channel
    Hotlinks (online newspapers)
    National Geographic Society
    PBS Online
    Publishers' Catalogs Home Page
    Books A to Z
    The Nando Times

Especially for Kids
Berit's Best Sites for Children
    Book Nook
    Cool Places for Kids
    Global Show-n-Tell
    Kid Pub
    Kids on Campus
    MidLink Magazine
    The Kids on the Web
    The Kids Web
    Uncle Bob's Kids' Page

Schools on the Web
    HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites
    School.Net Navigator
    Web66--Schools on the Web

Government and Politics
Cap Web, A Guide to the U.S. Congress
    CNN/TIME AllPolitics
    Election Watch
    Fedworld Information Network
    Library of Congress
    Politics Now
    Project Vote Smart
    Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet

Science Fair
    Science Fair Project Resource Guide

National Education Association
NEA Technology Section

Alternative Options
   Concurrent Enrollment
   International Baccalaureate (IB)
   Advanced Placement (AP)
   Postsecondary Enrollment Options

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